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  Players must register each season either online through our website or at one of our designated walk-in sessions held. Payment must be submitted at time of         registration. Acceptable methods of payment for online registration are MasterCard, Visa, or Paypal. Walk-in fees can be paid by cash or money order.

PROOF OF AGE: We are required to validate the BIRTH date of  all PLAYERS & CHEERLEADERS. Valid proofs of age documents are government issued birth certificates and passports. Certificates issued by  hospitals are NOT valid proof of age document.We can only accept original birth certificates.  We must also have a photo on file for every participant. If you do not have a current photo we will take one the first week of practice. There will be a $25 penalty charge for late registration. 

 FOOTBALL:The football registration fee covers registration fee, insurance, RENTING of helmet and shoulder pads, the team jersey,game day pants, pair of socks, and mouth piece.

UNIFORMS: Contact football players will need to purchase cleats (no metal cleats), practice pants, an the pads that are inserted into the practice pants. During the week prior to the first game, team coaches will deliver uniforms to players/parents at practice. Uniform samples (for sizing) are available at our walk in sessions.

CHEER: Cost covers registration, insurance, uniform an cheer accessories . 

REFUNDS: Player who voluntarily withdraw IN WRITING to the Vice President Parent/Player Relations, PRIOR TO JUNE 1 will be eligible for a refund of registration fees paid, LESS a $25 processing fee. NO refunds will be given after June 1.

Redskins BY LAWS Section 8.0 League Equipment
8.1 All equipment (helmet/shoulder pads) and sports clothing (practice jerseys, game pants) dispersed to the participant (unless otherwise stated) must be returned in good condition. Any loss or damage to equipment or clothing will be charged to participants parent or guardian.

8.5 Any player who has not turned in equipment from a previous session will not be allowed to register until they return or pay the replacement cost for the equipment. If the equipment is turned in after the set deadline, a LATE FEE must be paid before the player can participate. If the e
quipment cannot be retrieved legal action may be taken.


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